Business in Practice


Business in Practice (BiP) – where innovation meets collaboration to transform students into business professionals ready to take on the real world!

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Take experiential learning to the next level.

Inspire students to put academics to work.

We hear from business professionals about what they wish they knew as undergrads, the underlying skills that make them successful, and how experience is a shaping force. In many ways, the knowledge required to navigate complex organizations, execute a successful business strategy, and advance a career only happens with the relevant experience.

We asked the question – can we accelerate the process? Is it possible to tap into the knowledge gained through years of experience by industry professionals and bring that to our students so they can get a head start on advancing their own careers? Our answer is Business in Practice.

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We would like to see in practice learning experiences spread throughout higher education.

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We have developed over 70 learning experiences over the last five years with a wide array of working professionals.

Neil Niman

Founding Faculty

Jennifer Chagnon

Associate Director