Isabella Ronson ’21

“The BiP course Inbound Marketing with the Raka partners enabled me to actually work with a client for the first time. I loved working with a nonprofit in the Manchester area to give them recommendations on their marketing plan. I now feel more confident in my abilities and knowledge in the marketing field. I also feel more prepared for post UNH life because of all of the connections I was able to make with professionals in the area.”

Carlton Robie ’20

“The forwarding thinking of Paul College to establish a co-curricular program sets apart students from other schools who may not have this experience coming out of college.”

Isabel Cieslar ’21

“My experience with my BiP course is nothing short of amazing! My instructor Krystal Hicks always shares her experiences as well as the misconceptions and truths about the job. You can truly gain a vast amount of knowledge and insight into your future and ease common fears that you may have. I truly believe every student at UNH should take a BiP!”