Our Vision

Business in Practice Defined

Business in Practice (BiP) is an educational system designed to tap the wisdom of industry professionals in a structured environment that embodies the best of experiential learning. Each experience has the student learn by doing under the guidance of a working professional who brings their culture, values, and competencies into the classroom.  Students work with current tools and techniques that are actually used while getting feedback from professionals in the field.

Our Vision

More than just a collection of courses, the program serves as a central hub that spans a vast network intended to enhance the traditional business school experience. Whether it is learning a useful skill, forming a better understanding of how things actually work, or making a connection that leads to that first job.

Our essential methodology is to unlock an industry professional’s tacit knowledge and reconstruct it as a 7- or 14-week experience for students. We employ active learning and projects to create an environment where students can take risks, learn from failure, ask candid questions, and build a rich portfolio of experiences and skills.

The courses enable our students to see firsthand how business principles can be applied to achieve real world outcomes in courses designed to give them a head start with those tools, techniques and skills that are desired most by today’s employers. In doing so, we’re able to go beyond case studies, guest speakers and internships, where students can access a higher level of experiential learning.

Business in Practice is experiential learning that promotes the development of work-ready capabilities.